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About us

We are a law firm based in Liechtenstein, specialized in offering business and financial consultancy to both local and foreign clients who need company formation services in Liechtenstein and in other European countries. The firm has an office in Liechtenstein, where we provide a wide range of services for local and foreign entrepreneurs interested in doing business in this country. 

We help our clients open any type of company available in Liechtenstein, we assist them during their economic activities and provide different types of financial services. 

Our area of practice includes: 

company formation in Liechtenstein,

shelf companies,

– bookkeeping,

– audits,

– coporate administration,

– tax planning,

– work permits,

– business center etc. 

If you want to contact our team of business consultants in Liechtenstein, you may call us at +41 76 328 90 50.