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Create a Cryptocurrency Company in Liechtenstein

Create a Cryptocurrency Company in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has one of the most developed financial technology industries in Europe at this point thanks to fact that it is one of best financial centers in the region. Relying on a stable financial system and good regulations related to establishing a financial companyLiechtenstein has taken the next step to adopt cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Liechtenstein through the Financial Market Authority (FMA) now acknowledges the creation of cryptocurrency companies as a business model.

Our company formation agents in Liechtenstein can offer information on the legislation related to the financial industry, including the use of cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency according to the Liechtenstein legislation?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which is not controlled by a specific authority. The main feature of cryptocurrency is the safety it offers to those investing in it. The most known cryptocurrency available is the bitcoin which is also acknowledged in Liechtenstein. The use of cryptocurrencies in Liechtenstein is allowed if a blockchain is created.

Investors who want to open a cryptocurrency business in Liechtenstein are not subject to specific requirements, which is why setting up this type of business is quite advantageous.

Registering a cryptocurrency business in Liechtenstein

The limited liability company is perhaps the best structure which can be used to create a cryptocurrency company in Liechtenstein. The owner will need a minimum share capital of 30,000 CHF in order to register the company. Following the preparation of the constitutive documents of the Liechtenstein company, one must file them with the Trade Register in order to receive the business license.

The last step when opening a Liechtenstein cryptocurrency business is to set up the software which will be used to create the currency and implement the security programs which will allow its trade.

Our company registration advisors in Liechtenstein can assist with the formation procedure of the business.

Legislation related to selling cryptocurrency in Liechtenstein

In order to be allowed to sell or buy cryptocurrency, a Liechtenstein company must comply with the anti-money laundering and the tax evasion legislation imposed by the authorities. Investors who want to open a company in Liechtenstein with the purpose of trading cryptocurrency can obtain more information on the legislation related to these activities from our local consultants.

Please contact us if you want to set up a cryptocurrency business in Liechtenstein.