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Virtual Office in Liechtenstein

Virtual Office in Liechtenstein

The virtual office is a service offered to our clients who need an address in Liechtenstein. The virtual office can be used for various purposes and has various advantages compared to a traditional office.

Our company formation agents in Liechtenstein can assist foreign investors who want to open companies in the Principality or who want to use a virtual office for various reasons. Below, they explain how the virtual office works and the services attached to it.

Services we offer in a Liechtenstein virtual office

If you are in doubt whether a virtual office is suitable for your needs, here is a list of the services we can provide you with in this type of office:

  1. An address in a prestigious business center in Vaduz or another city in Liechtenstein;
  2. A local phone number with dedicated answering and forwarding services;
  3. Mail collection and forwarding services to another address agreed upon with our agents;
  4. Conference room rental for various occasions, provided that you contact us a few days before;
  5. Bank statement collection and forward to a designated address on a regular basis or occasionally.

We would like to advise that all our virtual office services in Liechtenstein can be tailored to your needs. Apart from this, we also offer company registration services in Liechtenstein.

The video below shows how foreign investors can obtain a virtual office in Liechtenstein:

The advantages of a virtual office in Liechtenstein

Many foreign enterprisers interested in virtual office services have various questions related to how such office can be used and its advantages. Here a few benefits of a virtual office in Liechtenstein:

  • the use of the office as registered or legal address of a local company;
  • you will not need to hire personnel for a virtual office in Liechtenstein;
  • the costs of a virtual office are generally lower than a traditional office’s maintenance costs;
  • the virtual office is usually located in a reputable business center; therefore, it is easier to find;
  • all the equipment in a virtual office is modern and does not require any maintenance from the client;
  • if you need to relocate, you can simply request the end of this service without paying extra.

Business owners who find that the initial virtual office package is limiting for their business can select these additional services as well as others that may be available. It is advisable to plan the manner in which the virtual office will be utilized and schedule any conference room usage in order to avoid unpleasant conditions in which a certain meeting room space is not available on a certain date. Most locations that offer virtual office services function, however, in large office buildings that have a large capacity to accommodate the needs of several businesses that share the space.

The virtual office offers most of the facilities that are present when renting or purchasing regular office space and for some business models, it is often more appropriate than the regular office.

For many businesses, the advantages of using virtual offices surpass the limitations. They provide for a professional image and a good location as most of the buildings where these offices are based are found in central locations and are modern and highly equipped. For those employees who choose to commute to the office when the business is based via a virtual office, the package can also include several offices or meeting room space, as needed, and they will find that the work environment is an attractive one.

Notwithstanding the several advantages described herein, the virtual office’s main advantage remains the lower costs compared to the traditional office space. Investors who purchase a virtual office package will do so for the pre-set periods of time (usually one year) during which they do not need to incur other costs, such as those related to stationery, different repair work, cleaning and janitor services, as well as many others that may be associated with the upkeep of an office for the company. Moreover, modern virtual offices will also be equipped with all of the needed materials and electronics, and investors will not be required to invest in equipment, such as printers, office furniture, and others.

Companies in Liechtenstein are portioned out between some of the top sectors as approximated below:

  • around 3,871 companies in the services sector in 2016;
  • some 593 corporations in the industry sector in the same year;
  • approximately 103 companies in the agricultural sector, also in 2016.

Virtual offices are popular among entrepreneurs in Liechtenstein, especially in the services sector, as they offer an advantageous manner in which they can run their business. What’s more, these offices are suitable both for foreign entrepreneurs as well as local ones.

Investors should keep in mind that after thei open a company using a virtual office package they must also pay attention to VAT registration in Liechtenstein, as needed.

When setting up a company and using a virtual office investors also need to remember to apply for any relevent special permits and licenses and, for trade activities, perform the EORI registration.

If you need more information on why you should choose our virtual office in Liechtenstein, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that you can also rely on us for company formation services in Liechtenstein