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How to Purchase Shares in a Company in Liechtenstein

How to Purchase Shares in a Company in Liechtenstein

Some businessmen would prefer to purchase shares in a company in Liechtenstein than to open one. This way, they don’t have to go through the intricate process of actually incorporating a company. To purchase shares of a company in Liechtenstein, a few steps have to be considered. These steps are governed by the country’s Company Law. Under this law, the sale and purchase of shares of the company have to be consented to by the shareholders in writing. The transaction will take effect once it has been verified and registered with the corporation. Our specialists in company formation in Liechtenstein can guide you throughout the process.

Choosing the type of company in Liechtenstein

Before you purchase shares of a company in Liechtenstein, you must first decide the type of company whose shares you would want to buy. This is an important step because you will have to make sure that you are knowledgeable of the type of business of the company you are buying. Since you will become its shareholder, you will have some control over it which means important business decisions have to be made and you will take part in them. Our experts in company incorporation in Liechtenstein can give you advice on how to buy shares in a company in this country. 

Due diligence prior to the purchase of shares in Liechtenstein

Due diligence is an investigation and fact-finding process about the company whose shares will be purchased. For this step in buying shares in a company in Liechtenstein, you will have to determine the ownership of the company and the current state of its operations. You will also have to find out the value and the type of shares being sold. The nominal value of the shares is provided for under the articles of incorporation. You will also have to determine the assets and liabilities of the company as these might affect the value of the shares. We have specialists that set up a company in Liechtenstein that can conduct a company due diligence for you.

Liechtenstein share purchase and transfer agreement

After you have chosen the company whose shares you will buy in Liechtenstein and you have already conducted a due diligence on it, a share purchase and transfer agreement has to be executed. This is the document representing the transaction between you and the company and other conditions both parties may have agreed upon surrounding the purchase. Our experts are not only knowledgeable of how to open a company in Liechtenstein, but they also know how to draft a share purchase and transfer agreement.

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If you have more questions on how to purchase shares in a company in Liechtenstein, just contact our specialists. They can assist you in taking appropriate steps in the acquisition of shares.