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Open a Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Liechtenstein

Open a Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Liechtenstein

In the last few years, motor vehicles sales have grown significantly in Liechtenstein, as one of the largest luxury car brands in the world has set up a factory in Liechtenstein. Also, the Principality has one of the most modern and developed road infrastructures in Europe, and investments in the infrastructure will continue considering Liechtenstein has no opening to any waterway.

Foreign investors who want to enter the Liechtenstein market can open businesses for the sale of motor vehicles by respecting the local regulations. Our Liechtenstein company formation agents can offer information on the requirements related to selling cars and other auto vehicles in this country.

Requirements for selling motor vehicles in Liechtenstein

Local or foreign entrepreneurs must comply with the same regulations related to selling motor vehicles in Liechtenstein. The first one implies registering a business with the Public Registry of Companies and then obtaining the necessary licenses for the sale of auto vehicles.

Companies selling cars in Liechtenstein must also:

  • –          find a suitable location where the auto vehicles can be displayed;
  • –          make sure the motor vehicles they sell are accompanied by all the documents;
  • –          obtain import licenses for the automobiles they bring from other countries;
  • –          sell the auto vehicles in accordance with the provisions of the Contract Law.

Our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein can assist with the incorporation of the right business form when selling auto vehicles.

What types of auto vehicles can Liechtenstein companies sell?

Liechtenstein is a small, yet very important trading hub considering its geographical location in the heart of Europe. This is one of the reasons local companies can sell various types of auto vehicles. Among these are:

  • –          new and second-hand cars, however, the last category of cars is rarely sold here;
  • –          all types of trucks for companies in the freight transportation industry;
  • –          luxury cars, as these can often be seen on the streets of Liechtenstein;
  • –          passenger transport auto vehicles can also be sold in Liechtenstein.

If you need help in registering a company for selling motor vehicles, please feel free to contact our company formation representatives in Liechtenstein.