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Open a Restaurant in Liechtenstein

Open a Restaurant in Liechtenstein

The tourism industry is very developed in Liechtenstein despite the country’s small size. Foreign enterprisers are usually interested in opening tourism agencies and hotels, however a growing number of investors set up hotels and restaurants in Liechtenstein in order to offer full services to their clientele. Apart from the outstanding services they will benefit from, Liechtenstein also offers remote places which are perfect for relaxation which combined with delicious dishes make the Principality a top choice for actors and other famous persons.

If you are interested in opening a company in the accommodation industry, our Liechtenstein company formation agents can assist you.

The food market in Liechtenstein

Most of the restaurants in Liechtenstein rely on local products for serving their dishes. Also, organic products are quite popular among locals, but also foreign tourists who come to visit the Principality.

The Liechtenstein cuisine is similar to the Austrian and Swiss ones, but it also has certain Central European influences. Even if most of the products used to prepare food in local restaurants come from agricultural companies in the country, there are also imported goods used in preparing the meals.

How to register a restaurant in Liechtenstein

Most foreign investors opening restaurants in Liechtenstein choose the limited liability company when registering the company with the Companies Registrar. This is the first step to successfully start any type of business in the Principality. Another thing to keep in mind is the location of the restaurant which must respect the environmental and health regulations. Most foreign enterprisers also register the names of their restaurants with the Intellectual Property Office in Liechtenstein in order to protect their brand. Some of them even register the names of certain dishes which will add more value and prestige to the Liechtenstein restaurant’s ranking.

Our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein can assist foreign entrepreneurs who want to open a restaurant here with the preparation of the documents related to the company registration process.

We invite you to watch our video on how to open a restaurant in Liechtenstein:

Licenses for restaurants in Liechtenstein

Once the company formation procedure is completed, the owner of the restaurant must make sure the premises respect the health regulations imposed by the Veterinary and Food Administration Authority. The same body will issue the licenses related to preparing and handling foodstuff in the Liechtenstein restaurant.

As some of the products used to cook the food will be imported, these must be accompanied by the import license. Dairy products must respect the provisions of the Milk Market Law. The restaurant will also have to comply with the Waste Disposal Act when it comes to throwing away food remains.

Import licenses for restaurants in Liechtenstein

Restaurants importing foodstuff which will be used as ingredients for the dishes, must comply with several requirements imposed by the Liechtenstein Customs Authorities. Among these, the products must provide full information on the provenience and the storage conditions of the products. Also, the labels on the packages must be written in German.

Foreign investors who want to open restaurants in Liechtenstein must also obtain various permits from the local municipalities.

For complete information on the licenses required to open a restaurant, please contact our Liechtenstein company formation representatives.