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Open a Shop in Liechtenstein

Open a Shop in Liechtenstein

Thanks to the high quality of life, Liechtenstein also has a great purchase power. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Liechtenstein can choose the retail sector if they want to start a successful business. These can open small or larger shops, minimarkets or even supermarkets depending on the city and the necessity of the locals.

Enterprisers who want to set up a shop in the Principality are not subject to very strict requirements, however they must comply with the local legislation related to the sale of goods. Our company registration agents in Liechtenstein can offer information on this legislation.

Company registration when opening a shop in Liechtenstein

Depending on the community they want to serve, entrepreneurs must also adapt the business form of the shop they will open in Liechtenstein. The Liechtenstein company formation process is mandatory no matter the size of the shop to be set up. Be it a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, one must register any type of structure with the Companies Registrar in the Principality.

Among the requirements for opening a shop in Liechtenstein are choosing the right premises which provides visibility and enough room to display the products and obtaining certain licenses related to the products which will be sold.

Foreign investors can rely on our company formation advisors in Liechtenstein for assistance in registering the business.

Licenses for selling products in a Liechtenstein shop

Depending on the provenience of the products, there are various licenses which must be obtained when starting a shop in LiechtensteinImport licenses are required for goods brought from outside the country. The labeling and packaging of the products must also be verified when receiving the merchandise. The same requirements apply to shops selling goods produced by the owners.

If the Liechtenstein shop must have the merchandise delivered, contracts with various suppliers must also be signed.

If you are interested in opening a shop in Liechtenstein and need information on the requirements to do so, please contact our local representatives. We can also guide you through the company formation procedure in Liechtenstein.