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Open a Trading Company in Liechtenstein

Open a Trading Company in Liechtenstein

The lack of maritime access has transformed Liechtenstein into one of the greatest importers in Europe, especially when it comes to manufactured goods, the Principality being known more as a financial center rather than an import/export one. This is one of the main reasons why trading companies which import and then reexport goods are thriving in Liechtenstein.

Foreign investors seeking to open a trading company in Liechtenstein must comply with the regulations of the Commercial Code and must apply for the necessary permit to bring and export goods in, respectively out of the country.

Our company registration agents in Liechtenstein can assist with the company formation procedure.

Registering a trading company in Liechtenstein

The first step to start a trading business in Liechtenstein is to register a company. Foreign investors have plenty of options to choose from: from private limited liability companies to establishments, a unique type of company in Liechtenstein.  Foreign trading companies may also establish subsidiaries or branches in Liechtenstein.

The trading company in Liechtenstein can also be set up under the form of a company without legal personality, such as the general or limited partnership.

Once the business form is chosen, our company formation consultants in Liechtenstein can assist you with the preparation of the incorporation documents and registration with the Companies Registrar in the Principality.

You can also watch our video on how to open a trading company in Liechtenstein:

Obtaining the necessary permits for a trading company in Liechtenstein

Together with Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) which allows trading companies to benefit from simplified import and export procedures with companies registered in the European Union. However, the Liechtenstein trading company must apply for a general import and export permit upon incorporation and it must also register with the Customs Authorities in the country.

Even if trading companies in Liechtenstein can import goods from the EU based on a conformity certificate without any other special requirements or permits, there are also certain goods which require special permits or additional controls upon import. Among these products are chemical substances, cosmetics, medical equipment and toys.

Our Liechtenstein company formation consultants can offer more information on the import/export procedures related to trading goods.

Taxation of trading companies in Liechtenstein

The trading company is subject to one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, as the corporate tax in Liechtenstein is levied at a 12.5% rate. This tax is applied on the taxable income which is calculated based on the financial statements filed by the company with the tax authorities. The minimum amount to be paid by a trading company is 1,800 CHF. However, tax deductions are provided to such companies.

Another tax trading companies in Liechtenstein are subject to is the value added tax. Considering the main activity of such company related to imports and exports, the VAT must be paid upon bringing or sending merchandise in, respectively out of the country. The standard VAT rate in Liechtenstein is 8%, however reduced rates apply to certain products.

For assistance in starting a trading company in the Principality, please contact our company formation representatives in Liechtenstein.