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Open an Information Technology Company in Liechtenstein

Open an Information Technology Company in Liechtenstein

For several years now, Liechtenstein has started modernizing its telecommunications infrastructure and the government has also set aside funds for the creation of a 4G broadband internet connection which would cover the whole country. The project called Industry 4.0 is already underway. Industry 4.0 is also meant to help Liechtenstein companies to have a common system through which they have access to various resources. This is whole modernization is possible thanks to a developed information technology industry Liechtenstein boasts.

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the information technology industry also have various governmental programs dedicated to startups they can access. Our company formation consultants in Liechtenstein can offer information on the current legislation related to the information technology sector.

Steps when starting a business in the Liechtenstein information technology sector

The first step to open an IT company in Liechtenstein is the actual registration of the company. Our local agents can assist with the preparation of the incorporation documents and their filing with the Public Register in the Principality. Considering most of the business in the information technology sector also have websites, it is recommendable to buy a .li domain name and register it with one of the accredited registrars in Liechtenstein. Business owners also have the possibility of registering their companies’ names as trademarks and even file patent application in case they create new software or different programs.

Types of businesses in the information technology sector in Liechtenstein

Foreign investors can set up various types of businesses in the information technology industry in the Principality. Among these are:

  • –           Internet service providers;
  • –           software companies;
  • –           web design companies;
  • –          e-commerce platforms;
  • –          companies offering digital marketing solutions;
  • –          companies offering various integrated services.

No matter the type of company one decides to open in Liechtenstein, it must be registered with the Office of Computer Science and obtain various licenses according to the services it will provide.

For full information on the requirements to establish a company in the information technology sector, please contact our company registration agents in Liechtenstein.