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Set Up a Catering Company in Liechtenstein

Set Up a Catering Company in Liechtenstein

Not all businessmen come to Liechtenstein to open investment funds, given the Principality’s reputation as a financial center, because not all investors have great amounts of money to put in a company. Also, during the last several years, the Liechtenstein government has encouraged small investors to open companies in other industries. One of these sectors is the food and beverages (F&B) sector. Individuals who decide to open business in the F&B industry have various choices, among which there is also the catering company.

Our company formation agents in Liechtenstein can offer information on the food legislation applicable in this country.

Why open a catering business in Liechtenstein?

First of all, Liechtenstein cities are home to various types of food establishments, including many luxury restaurants, which is why there is still room for the development of businesses like catering ones which serve employees of the large companies operating in these cities. Secondly, a Liechtenstein catering company is suitable for individuals who don’t have a large initial capital to start a business. Thirdly, the preparation of the food can take place at home, therefore saving money on a rented location. However, all the necessary sanitary requirements must be complied with. At last, it is useful to know that Liechtenstein is known for the organic agricultural products cultivated, therefore farmers are encouraged to set up catering businesses using the foodstuff they produce by themselves.

Requirements to set up a catering company in Liechtenstein

Before starting operating a Liechtenstein catering business, one must register a company with the Trade Register. The sole proprietorship is also a good choice for those starting a small catering company. Then, the owner must ensure that the premises of the business comply with the requirements of the Veterinary and Food Administration Authority. A license which will allow them to prepare the food must also be obtained. Special attention must also be paid to the disposal of waste resulted after cooking the food.

If you need assistance in opening a catering business in Liechtenstein, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also guide you with the company registration procedure