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Set Up a Hotel in Liechtenstein

Set Up a Hotel in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a beautiful country to visit which is why it attracts a large number of tourists every year. Mainly known for the gorgeous mountain areas where most of the resorts are located, Liechtenstein is slowly becoming an economy which welcomes other industries than the financial one.

Foreign investors interested in exploring other industries can turn their attention to the tourism industry in Liechtenstein. Among the businesses one can open in the tourism sector are restaurants, travel agencies or even hotels.

The Tourism Law provides for the establishment of such facilities in Liechtenstein. Our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein can offer more information on the legislation related to the tourism industry.

Registering an accommodation business in Liechtenstein

Following the Commercial Code, no matter the type of business one decides to register in Liechtenstein, the first step is to select a company name and the type of structure used for the creation of the company. The same principles apply when setting up a hotel in Liechtenstein. The most employed business form for opening an accommodation business is the limited liability company.

Our company formation agents in Liechtenstein can assist with the preparation of the incorporation documents for opening a hotel in the Principality. We can also file the documents with the Trade Register and assist with the VAT registration process.

Classification of hotels in Liechtenstein

Before the opening of the Liechtenstein hotel, various licenses related to the type of accommodation and additional services must be applied for. Depending on these, the hotel will be awarded from one to five stars.

The hotel classification is issued by the Liechtenstein Hotel and Gastronomy Unit and the Hotelstars Union (an EU tourism authority) and is based on an audit carried out at the hotel. The latest classification standards were issued in 2015 and will be available until 2020.

For full information on the requirements to create a hotel in Liechtenstein, please feel free to contact our company registration advisors. You can also request our company formation services in Liechtenstein if you want to set up another type of business in the tourism industry.