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Create Liechtenstein Company for Manufacturing Food Products

Create Liechtenstein Company for Manufacturing Food Products

Manufacturing is one of the most important industries in Liechtenstein, generating about 40% of the country’s annual revenue. The same percentage of the workforce is hired in Liechtenstein companies manufacturing various products, among which foodstuff.

Even if most of the raw matter used to manufacture food products in Liechtenstein is imported, the actual production is carried out the companies’ own factories. Foreign investors interested in setting up businesses for the manufacture of food products can rely on our company formation services in Liechtenstein.

How to create a food manufacturing business in Liechtenstein

In order to open a Liechtenstein company for manufacturing food products, one must first register one of the available structures with the Trade Register in the Principality. Following that, the company must be authorized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to start operating, but also to be able to export the goods produced here.

An advantage of setting up a company for the manufacture of food products in Liechtenstein is that it does not require a large number of employees, most processes being automated. Also, the goods produced by Liechtenstein companies are very appreciated in Europe.

Our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein can assist with the company formation procedure.

Requirements for food manufacturing companies in Liechtenstein

Just like companies producing beverages in Liechtensteinfood manufacturing businesses must also adhere to strict regulations related to the practices imposed by authorities, including to international guidelines if the goods will be exported. Also, various packaging and labeling requirements must be respected when manufacturing food products in Liechtenstein.

When it comes to the licenses to be obtained, companies in Liechtenstein will need building permits for setting up the production plant, import and export licenses depending on the provenience, respectively destination of the products to be sold.

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to create companies for the manufacturing of food products can receive assistance from our company formation advisors in Liechtenstein, so do not hesitate to contact us.