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Establish a Company in the Energy Sector in Liechtenstein

Establish a Company in the Energy Sector in Liechtenstein

Foreign enterprisers interested in starting a business in Liechtenstein have various choices. If until recently the financial sector was the most secure one, the government has started to issue various support programs for other industries like agriculture and information technology. A less known fact is that the energy sector is one the least exploited industries in Liechtenstein. However, this segment is well-regulated and investments in renewable energy are supported by the government through several dedicated schemes.

Our company registration agents in Liechtenstein can offer information on the legislation covering the energy industry.

Company registration in the Liechtenstein energy industry

Both individuals and companies are welcome to invest in the energy sector by opening a company, respectively a branch office in Liechtenstein. Once the documentation is ready, it must be submitted with the Trade Register and based on it the certificate of registration will be issued.

Energy companies in Liechtenstein can supply electricity, gas and water services. For electricity companies, the government has enabled the Feed-in Tariff and the Technology Support Program. Our Liechtenstein company formation consultants can offer more information on these incentives.

Regulations for energy companies in Liechtenstein

All energy companies in Liechtenstein must comply with the Energy Efficiency Law and the Energy Efficiency Regulations. Even if most of the energy is imported from neighboring countries, the number of companies installing photovoltaic panels is on the rise and thus fully compliant with the efficiency regulations imposed by the Ministry of Environment.

In order to start operating, a company supplying energy services must be authorized by the Ministry of Environment through the Office of Environment. Also, given the small size of the country, Liechtenstein is cooperating with Switzerland in many matters related to the energy industry. Among these is the EEA (European Economic Area) legislation related to the distribution of energy. These laws allow Liechtenstein companies in the energy sector to extract petroleum from EEA countries based on a petroleum license.

For full information on how to set up an energy company in Liechtenstein, please feel free to contact us.