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Set Up Auto Repair and Maintenance Business in Liechtenstein

Set Up Auto Repair and Maintenance Business in Liechtenstein

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in opening companies in Liechtenstein now have various industries to choose from, one of the most prolific being the automobiles sector. While most of them would choose the car rental or trucking sectors, others are inclined to open companies which service car and truck owners in Liechtenstein.

One of the best ideas to set up a business in the automobiles industry is to set up a company for offering repair and maintenance services in LiechtensteinOur company formation agents in Liechtenstein can assist with the business registration procedure.

Registering an auto repair and maintenance shop in Liechtenstein

Those who want to open car repair shops in Liechtenstein do need to comply with any special requirements, which makes this type of business one of the easiest to set up. Our local consultants can help you with:

  • –          choosing the right type of structure which can be that of a sole proprietorship or of a limited liability company;
  • –          drafting and filing the incorporation documents with the Trade Register in Liechtenstein;
  • –          registering with the tax authorities and obtaining tax and VAT numbers;
  • –          apply for municipality permits for reconditioning the premises where the company will operate.

Once the company is registered, the business owner can start operating the car repair and maintenance business in Liechtenstein.

Services offered by car repair and maintenance businesses in Liechtenstein

When opening a company for offering repair and maintenance services for transport equipment, a business owner must make sure they have the right equipment based on the types of vehicles they will service. Among these vehicles can be:

We remind foreign investors they can open auto repair shops in Liechtenstein under the same conditions as local businessmen, however, they will need residence permits if they want to live here.

If you are interested in starting a business for offering repair and maintenance for transport equipment in Liechtenstein, please contact us if you need guidance in registering the company. We can also help with the opening of other types of companies in Liechtenstein.