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Open an E-commerce Business in Liechtenstein

Open an E-commerce Business in Liechtenstein

The developed internet infrastructure allows many business owners to also establish their presences in the online environment, especially when it comes to different types of stores. Liechtenstein has invested a lot in the internet infrastructure in the last several years because the government is trying to transform the country into a smart nation.

Foreign investors who want to explore the developed internet infrastructure put at their disposal by the Liechtenstein authorities can open e-commerce businesses which have a high rate of success all over Europe.

In order to set up an online business in Liechtenstein one must comply with the E-commerce Law. Our company formation consultants in Liechtenstein can assist with the registration of an online business.

Regulations imposed to e-commerce businesses in Liechtenstein

The main laws related to opening an e-commerce company in Liechtenstein are the Telecommunications Act and the E-commerce Law. The last one is actually the European Commission’s Directive 2003/31 which was transposed into the national legislation in order to ease the access of local companies to the European market.

Local and foreign enterprisers who want to open e-commerce businesses in the Principality must also comply with the Commercial Code as they have the obligation of registering a legal entity in order to start their activities.

Steps to open an e-commerce company in Liechtenstein

There are several steps to follow when creating an e-commerce business in Liechtenstein. These are:

  • –          registering a company with the Trade Registrar;
  • –          obtaining the necessary business licenses;
  • –          creating the website which will host the e-commerce activity.

The business owner has the duty to ensure the protection of clients. Among the measures to be implemented for the protection of customers are setting up merchant accounts and ensuring a good customer support service.

All products sold by the online business must be accompanied by electronic contracts.  Also, the company must display its registered address, the phone number and e-mail address.

For full information or assistance in registering an e-commerce company, please contact our Liechtenstein company formation advisors.