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Open a Crowd Funding Company in Liechtenstein

Open a Crowd Funding Company in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is known for its well-regulated financial system which has led to the development of a wide variety of activities carried out in the financial sector. Foreign investors and companies are now more interested than ever in starting financial businesses in Liechtenstein as the Financial Market Authority (FMA) has enabled new regulations which provide for new activities. Among these are also companies setting up crowd funding platforms.

Our company formation agents in Liechtenstein can offer information on the regulations related to setting up a crowd funding business in the Principality.

What is crowd funding?

Crowd funding is a relatively new concept which was created as a response to the large number of startup companies established during the last several years in all developed countries. It relies on various platforms set up with the purpose of raising money for new projects. It did not take long for this concept to become popular in Liechtenstein due to the country’s status as an international financial center.

Registering a crowd funding business in Liechtenstein

Setting up a crowd funding company in Liechtenstein does not imply any special requirements or licenses, as it is not a financial company itself. The limited liability company is the most employed type of structure used by investors opening crowd funding businesses in Liechtenstein. Apart from the minimum share capital requirements which must be met, the company must also set up a platform through which the funds are gathered.

Our company registration advisors in Liechtenstein will assist you with the company formation process.

Creating a crowd funding platform in Liechtenstein

The best way to create a crowd funding platform in Liechtenstein is by setting up a website or by accessing one of the renowned platforms available. Then an account will be necessary for raising the money from investors. Merchant accounts are also available in Liechtenstein. Advertising the services offered through the platform is also important.

For assistance in opening a crowd funding business in Liechtenstein, please contact our local consultants. We can also handle the Liechtenstein company formation process on your behalf.