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Set Up an IT Company in Liechtenstein

Set Up an IT Company in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein’s financial industry has led to the development of the information, technology and communications (IT&C) sector which has become very important for the Principality’s economy in the last few years. With a pressing need to offer innovative technologies to financial companies and with the new legislation which welcomes fintech startups, opening an IT company in Liechtenstein can be a quite successful endeavor.

Foreign investors are also welcome to establish companies in the IT industry in Liechtenstein provided that they meet the legislation related to opening a company and the specific laws applicable in the communications sector. Our company registration agents in Liechtenstein can offer information on these laws.

Company registration in the Liechtenstein IT industry

The Company Law is the main legal framework covering the company registration procedure in LiechtensteinOpening an IT company implies respecting the Commercial Code and having a minimum share capital which will depend on the type of structure used for the business. The most employed entity is the limited liability company for which one will need 30,000 CHF. One will also need to prepare the documents of incorporation which must state the company’s activities.

Among the services an IT company in Liechtenstein can offer are the following:

  • –          software development;
  • –          webhosting services;
  • –          SEO services;
  • –          communication services;
  • –          electronic payment solutions for financial companies.

No matter the type of services an IT company supplies, it must register with the Office for Communications in Liechtenstein and obtain the necessary licenses.

Licensing of IT companies in Liechtenstein

Opening an IT company in Liechtenstein implies its registration with the Office for Communications and respecting the Telecom Law’s provisions related to the installation of the equipment it will use to offer its services. In order to do that it must select the frequencies it will use and apply for a telecommunications license with the Office. Also, all IT companies will be registered in the Office for Communications’ database.

For full information on the requirements to set up an IT company in the Principalityplease contact our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein.