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Open a Company in the Construction Sector in Liechtenstein

Open a Company in the Construction Sector in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has amended various laws during the last several years and has also renewed the regulations related to obtaining residence permits which has attracted a great number of foreign citizens relocating to the Principality. These measures have led to the development of the real estate market which triggered the opening of a large number of construction companies in Liechtenstein.

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the construction sector must comply with the Liechtenstein Construction Act. Our company formation agents in Liechtenstein can offer more information on the Construction Law.

Company registration in Liechtenstein

Foreign and local investors can set up construction companies in Liechtenstein provided that they respect the requirements of the Company Law. These requirements imply choosing a structure and registering it with the Trade Register in Liechtenstein. Among the most employed types of business forms when setting up a company in the construction sector in Liechtenstein are the limited liability company and the public company. The latter, however, is more suitable for large construction companies.

Foreign companies can also set up joint ventures with local companies and take on large construction projects in Liechtenstein.

Licenses for the construction sector in Liechtenstein

Once the construction company is registered, it must hire qualified professionals who will carry out the projects contracted by the Liechtenstein company. It should be noted that a construction permit must be obtained when starting to work on a commercial or even a residential project. The Liechtenstein construction company must also apply for other various permits with the municipality.

Recently the Construction Law was amended so buildings would no longer require additional inspections. Another law covering the construction sector in Liechtenstein is the Buildings Insurance Law which provides for a compulsory insurance which must be contracted by the party using the building.

Our company registration consultants in Liechtenstein can offer full information on the requirements related to the construction industry. Please contact us if you need assistance with the company formation process in Liechtenstein.